God’s Love

It is amazing how much love God has for His children. We can turn astray and try to run away from the home we were meant to live in but one way or the other you are going to miss what you had to begin with. We all try to rebel in our own ways whether we are a preachers child or come from a drug addicted broken home. Life is about learning from your mistakes and we are blessed to know that even though you have made mistakes we are always given a second chance through God’s love and mercy for His children. No matter how dark your past may be there is always a light shining down to guide you home. It is up to you to see the light and have a desire to fight your way out of the darkness. It isn’t always easy but if you reach out your hand to God then He will guide you through the darkness and the tunnels which will bring you out. He will break the chains of the devil which have been holding you back. All you have to do is ask for His help and He will guide you home.

J. Godwin