American Power Golf Tour Metter Invitational July 14-15 (2 events)

This event is going to be one for the ages. Some of the longest hitters in the world will be showing up for this epic event. The Metter Invitational  is the longest running independent long drive event in the country. Organized by the American Power Golf Tour along with one of the greats, Gary Ramirez who is one of only 3 men out of GA who have ... Continue Reading

This is the name that I have come up with for the new forum we are building. The forum will allow you to come in and talk about normal golf related topics, long drive topics, and Christian related topics. My goal is to have a highly professional, positive atmosphere where people can learn and grow. I will also have a testimonial page where members ... Continue Reading

APG Develpmental Tour Sanhills Shootout in Carthage, NC

Well I know this is a week late but last weekend was awesome. Went up to North Carolina for the first APG Developmental Tour event, made it through to the finals and took 3rd place and cashed a decent check!!! This last weekend was 2 years in the making and I'm glad to have that gorilla off of my shoulders. The field was stacked, it was like going ... Continue Reading

God’s Love

It is amazing how much love God has for His children. We can turn astray and try to run away from the home we were meant to live in but one way or the other you are going to miss what you had to begin with. We all try to rebel in our own ways whether we are a preachers child or come from a drug addicted broken home. Life is about learning from your ... Continue Reading

Words from the Holy Spirit #2

"If you could see the stamp that God imposes on every human soul it would say MADE BY GOD. We are not all God's children but we are all His creation. You were made by God from the dust of the Earth and you have been instilled with FREE WILL. It is up to you whether you take the call and become one of God's children or deny the call and become one ... Continue Reading

Plans for Professional Golf/Long Drive Forum

To everyone in the golf world, long drive world, the Christian world and for all of those searching I am currently in the process of building a new forum. It will be a place where people from around the country and the world can talk about topics such as long drive events, tips on how to improve your golf game and swing speed, a full section for ... Continue Reading

Things have been busy

Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been posting regularly on here. See this is a side project for me but I do tend to post more and put more time into this site in the near future. I recently started a new job at State Farm in Woodstock, GA selling insurance. It is quite mentally draining but all-in-all it is a way better job then what I was doing at ... Continue Reading

Words From the Holy Spirit

"Jesus is the seed that God so mercifully placed into the Earth to be crucified and die so that He could rise up out of the depths of the Earth and give to God an amazingly fruitful harvest of reborn souls leaving satan trembling and defeated" Jason Godwin Here in the last 2 months God has helped to live more for Him and to grow ever closer ... Continue Reading

APG Developmental Tour: The Sandhills Shootout March 24th

The first developmental tour event of the season is coming soon. This is going to be an amazing tour for up-and-coming long drivers and guys who want a taste of what the sport has to offer. The guys at American Power Golf have done an awesome job of starting this brain child. I will be competing in the event and I will keep everyone posted on the ... Continue Reading

BPG Weekly Quote #1

"God is the lighthouse, the foundation, and Jesus is the light that guides. We are nothing more than stranded ships in the cove of life, surrounded by darkness moving ever closer to complete destruction on the jagged cliffs of evil when Jesus Christ shines his light on us, filling us with the Holy Spirit and guiding us home." J. Godwin ... Continue Reading